Eugenia Oliva, Keef Palas’s co-creator

We walked around southern Paris with Eugenia Oliva, who cofounded Keef Palas, a 100% natural jewellery brand.

Known for her necklaces made with shells, her earrings made out of chili plants or mimosa, Eugenia Oliva, the cofounder of the Spanish brand Keef Palas and its perishable jewellery, stopped by Gentilly, outside Paris. We met her in the heart of her favourite spots in southern Paris.

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

Real Parisian or just passing through?

I lived in Paris from 2011 to 2016 and it was the period in my life where I had the most fun. I’ve gone back to Barcelona to launch my own jewellery brand, Keef Palas, but I regularly come back to see my friends and introduce new collections during the Paris Fashion Week. When I’m here, I like staying at the Jo&Joe for its cosmopolitan and laid back atmosphere. I also like its special areas and gardens, it’s perfect to relax and send a few emails.

What is the concept of Keef Palas?

It’s about reconnecting people to nature. Life in big cities and their hectic paces have been disconnecting us from the origins of our existence. Our jewellery is created with organic material such as flowers, plants or even shells. They are ephemeral and remind people of the fragility of our planet.

So where should we keep the jewellery, in a jewellery box?

No, in the fridge! That way they last longer.

How would a perfect day in Paris for Eugenia Oliva go?

I’d wake up very early, go running at the Montsouris Park – I love its pond and you can see all sorts of birds there –, before returning to the hotel for a nice, well-deserved breakfast. Then, I’d go to an exhibition and have lunch at Pho Banh Cuon’s in the 13th arrondissement, in Paris’ Asian quarter, to eat the best Pho soup in the capital. After that, I would spend the rest of the afternoon with friends at the Butte aux Cailles.

The shop where you could easily spend a fortune ?

The Bon Marché Rive Gauche, for the clothes they have there. I’d also make the most to fill up my cupboards with groceries from La Grande Epicerie de Paris, a shop that is just next door.

If Paris was a person, who would it be ?

Jeanne Damas, I love her Rouje brand, it’s so classy.

“I like staying at the Jo&Joe for its cosmopolitan and laid back atmosphere.”

Eugenia Oliva
Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

Where do you go when you need more flowers and vegetables for your creations?

I always try to buy at small, local businesses like the Boby La Plante – on the Patay Street in the 13th – or L’Atelier des Fleurs – on the Pernety Street in the 14th – flower shops. I also buy lots of vegetables at the Bobillot and Auguste Blanqui markets, in the 13th.

A special place for a date?

The docks near the BnF (National Library of France) at sunset.  

Where would we find you on weekends?

On a Vélib’ (editor’s note: the public bicycle sharing system in Paris), cycling around Paris!

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

The craziest thing about Parisians?

Seeing them queue outside bakeries on weekends to buy their baguette.

The ultimate tip you’d give to someone visiting Paris?

Even if you don’t visit the Eiffel Tower, you’ll always end up seeing it just walking around in Paris.

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