Gentilly according to Enzo and Kitesy

Join us for a tour of southern Paris with Enzo Lefort, a fencing champion, and his other half Kitesy Martin, founder of the Hip-hop Yoga.

He’s an Olympic gold medallist in fencing, she teaches yoga mixed with hip-hop and makes upcycled jewellery. Enzo Lefort and Kitesy Martin also form a couple. We met with them to talk about their everyday life in Paris.

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Real Parisian or just passing through?

Parisian for the past three years but my interests have been in the capital for far longer. This is where Kitesy and I met and we feel good here.

Kitesy, you’re a yoga professor and you launched Humble Warrior, what’s the concept?

I launched Humble Warrior with my friend Dani Marino, who, like me, is a yoga and hip-hop enthusiast. It’s 60 minutes of vinyasa yoga on R&B sounds in a candlelit room. A way for us to rejuvenate the image of the discipline and make it more accessible. At first, we only gave one lesson per week, but now our team is made up of seven new teachers and we give a dozen lessons – including prenatal hip-hop yoga – in different locations in Paris.

So Enzo, do you now warm up with sun salutations when preparing for fights?

Yes, I use a few yoga poses at the beginning of my warm-up to gain in joint mobility and flexibility, and to prepare my body to effort!
Yoga is quite complementary to fencing because it allows you to practice movements without causing trauma to the body thanks to core strength, flexibility, balance and focus exercises.

Kitesy, you’re a stylist and you graduated from the Arts Decos’ (editor’s note: a major French school of art and design). You also launched your own brand of upcycled jewellery. Is it a way to make fashion more engaged?

I’ve been working as a stylist for ten years, in studio with various brands such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Lacoste and Iro. After I launched Humble Warrior, I wanted to go back to design but I didn’t see the point in creating yet another jewellery brand with new products. I’ve been dressing sustainably for a while by avoiding fast fashion, so upcycling was kind of the obvious solution. By giving a second life to my creations, I take part in making fashion more sustainable and accessible, because it doesn’t stop you from treating yourself!

Enzo, you’re a world champion in fencing, a photographer, you recently became a dad, you graduated in physical therapy and listen to hip-hop. How do you manage to combine all these passions?

I like to think all these passions serve my fencing performances! I’m the kind of athlete that gives everything at training, which is very demanding in terms of energy and dedication. On the other hand, when I get home, I don’t spend more time thinking about training, I don’t do videos… Let’s say I don’t bring work home. My other passions take over. They help me see other things than the world of sport and are part of my fulfilment. In fact, for the past few months, my very first passion has been my daughter Indya. It’s hard to think about fencing when her cute little face is smiling back at me.

How would a perfect day in Paris for Kitesy and Enzo go?

Blue sky, an exhibition, calm lunch en terrasse (or otherwise inside), a quick stop at the Emmaüs on the Diderot Boulevard and taking pictures of us for souvenirs.

“This is where Kitesy and I met and we feel good here.”

Credit marvin B

The shop where you could easily spend a fortune, Kitesy?

Since I became a mom, I love going to Smallable, on the Cherche-Midi Street. The decorations, the clothes, the toys, everything is nice in this concept-store. It makes me want to spoil Indya.

Where’s you HQ, Enzo? 

The cour Saint-Émilion UGC cinema. I often go there because they have a large selection of films in their original languages.

Kitesy, where do you bargain-hunt your next creations?

At different flea markets! I also sometimes do car boot sales.

If Paris was a person, who would it be, Enzo?

A thirty-something middle-class lefty who only buys organic food and loves his local neighbourhood life. The kind of guy who always wears his sunglasses even though there is no sun. Or it could also be the sinister-looking bouncer who won’t let you into the club you want to go to.

Where would we find you on weekends, Kitesy?

Probably giving a Humble Warrior lesson.

The craziest thing about Parisians, Enzo?

Their unconditional love for overcrowded terrasses!

The ultimate tip you’d give to someone visiting Paris, Kitesy?

Visit the city on foot as much as you can and avoid the touristic areas because absolutely no Parisians are actually there.

Your next project, Enzo?

The Olympic Games will be here pretty fast and will take up a lot of my time, with the competitions, training courses and sessions… After that, we’ll head to Guadeloupe to see my parents so our daughter knows where I come from and so she can spend time with her family over there! After that, I want to devote more time to photography.

Kitesy, a new partnership coming up?

It’s still a secret but I intend to develop my brand by offering other products than jewellery, such as leather goods or clothes.

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