Hossegor with Pantai Pantai’s co-creator

How we rediscovered Hossegor with Chloé Houdré, aka Pantai Pantai, who creates decorative objects and accessories rooted in surf and beachstyle culture.

Pantai Pantai means “beach” in Indonesian. And this perfectly reflects the spirit of the design and decoration brand created by Chloé Houdré that brings a new and fresh wave to our interiors (including our dressing room). Straight from the ocean. We met her in Hossegor for a conversation about her favourite local places.

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Native or just passing through?

Something in between. About 11 years ago, I totally fell in love with Hossegor, and now I can’t imagine leaving this city.

What would a perfect day for Pantai Pantai in Hossegor be like?

A whole day surfing with my friend Emma Yoga. Hot sun, glassy, 4ft waves, not too hollow, not too soft… meeting our friends in the water and then, after a late lunch, back to the beach for the sunset and a last session or some drinks.

The place that inspires you?​

I really love going to La Gravière beach to watch the waves. I let my mind wander and I imagine all the products I’d like to design for my brand.

Where do you go when you need to sweat, to clear your mind?

To the lake. I walk for about half an hour, then I sit on those big stone benches facing the oyster farms.

The shop where you could easily spend a fortune?

It would be a shop full of brand new surfboards from different shapers, design pieces (lamps, comfortable armchairs, linen) and with small, stylish creators.
To make it simple, a blend of Surf Odyssey, the Pop up Store and Espace Privé.

If Hossegor was a person, who would it be?

Yvonne, my slightly crazy pottery teacher. It could also be that adorable old man always walking his dog along the Allée des Pins Tranquilles, regardless of the weather. Or the newsagent on the Avenue Paul Lahary, with his odd intellectual look (he’s the only one around wearing loafers!)
Hossegor’s town centre is all of these people at the same time.

“About 11 years ago, I totally fell in love with Hossegor, and now I can’t imagine leaving this city.”

Chloé Houdré
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Where’s your HQ?

It’s the Pop up Store (40, Place Pasteur), a shop where I’ve been selling my Pantai Pantai products for 4 years now, along with other local brands.

A special place for a date?  

The Super Hossegor, in the heights of the town. The view over the lake and the ocean is magical. It’s a magnificent place known only by locals. 

​Where will we find you during the weekend?  

Very likely at my boyfriend’s surf school, the Darrigood Surf School, at La Gravière. And if the weather is good, probably in the water.

What is your best memory at JO&JOE? 

I’d say Synapson’s concert, during the Quik pro, last year.
There was a lot of people and the atmosphere was really cool.

​The craziest thing about the people living in Hossegor?

They have spectacular houses that are empty 11 months per year because they’re holiday homes. I often think it’s a real shame, I’d make the most of it a lot more than they do if I had a house under the pines, between the lake and the sea, with a swimming pool and a 100sq ft shed for our boards. I could walk to work, or even to the beach. By the way, if one of these homeowners is reading these lines and is willing to lend me his/her house, I promise I’d take very good care of it!

​The ultimate tip you’d give to someone visiting Hossegor?

Always have sunglasses, shorts, a beach towel and a swimsuit with you. Whether it’s Christmas or August. Here in Hossegor the weather changes a lot, and you can easily have 10ºC more at any time of the year. Be ready to make the most of it.

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