Kauli, the young surf prodigy

Beach Break in Hossegor – the French capital of surf – with Kauli Vaast, twotime winner of the European Championship.

Kauli Vaast is 17 years old, has already been crowned European Champion (Junior) twice and won the Tahiti Pro Trials in 2019. We met with the surfer from Vairao in Hossegor, in between two waves, so he could tell us about his favourite local spots.

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Photo credit @kebabnoir

Native or just passing through?

I come to JO&JOE, in Hossegor, several times per year. For surf competitions or to work with my sponsors. This year, I’m here for the European Surf Junior Championship 2020.

What would a perfect day for Kauli in Hossegor be like?

An awesome early morning breakfast at JO&JOE’s with the Chef,
followed by a good surfing session with Jeremy Flores, Patrick Beven and Miky Picon.
After all that effort, I’d gobble up a Poke Bowl at Louvine, and in the evening, I’d be back at JO&JOE’s with all my friends to see a gig.

The place that inspires you?

La Gravière beach, very early in the morning. With the morning mist, the dunes, the beach and the ocean, it’s often really nice. And the waves can be incredible!

Recently, you got involved in preserving the beauty of the coastline, here in Hossegor. Why?

I find it really shocking to see garbage on the beaches. So, when JO&JOE and
Ocean 52 organized a beach cleaning day, last July, I wanted to participate right away. With all the other volunteers, we took bags, put on gloves, and cleaned up La Centrale beach entirely. We all went all out that day, always in a good mood.
I have very fond memories of that day.

Where do you go when you need to sweat, to clear your mind?

I go to the Jiu-jitsu gym, under the Quicksilver Boardriders, in Capbreton, to train with Patrick Beven and Jojo. It’s a physically demanding martial art,
but at the end of the day, after training, I always feel great.

The shop where you could easily spend a fortune?

The street market! In Tahiti, we don’t have the same products at all. I really love eating different things, so I could easily raid all the cheese, cold meats, seafood, fruits, pastries… I could buy everything!

“With the morning mist, the dunes, the beach and the ocean, it’s often really nice.”

Kauli Vaast
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Photo credit @kebabnoir

If Hossegor was a person, who would it be?

Jeremy Flores. For me, he represents surfing and the city of Hossegor.
He truly is a model for all the young surfers because of his incredible career and his victory at the Quik pro France.

Where’s your HQ?

Avenue des Sables. Obviously…

​A special place for a date? 

The shores of Lake Hossegor at sunset.

Where will we find you during the weekend?

I’d be at Jeremy Flores and Hinarani’s to surf, enjoying the beach all day long and recharging my batteries in between training and competitions.
They’re like my family.

​A tip for someone just starting to surf?

Hossegor is the best place to start because the waves are smoother and longer. But you’d better start at a surf school. Currents and baïnes can be dangerous, so it’s better to be guided by professionals.

The craziest thing about the people living in Hossegor?

Their incredible motivation to go surfing in winter! I really respect that.

The ultimate tip you’d give to someone visiting Hossegor?

 Carefully pick the moment you come. The one I prefer is September/October.

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