Let’s go outside! What to do in Medellín in the open air

Medellin is the city of eternal spring and outside is our thing. Excellent weather means there’s loads to explore in the open air. The city is buzzing and it’s a nice place to walk about and stumble on new places and scenes. So here’s what to see in Medellin and where to hang out.

Medellín City Tour

Explore the downtown area using a mix of car, walking, metro, and aerial cable cars. Then ascend to Pueblito Paisa—a replica of a colonial Colombian town—where you enjoy panoramic city views. Check out the colonial churches, plazas, and Botero sculptures in Medellin’s downtown. Get a taste for colonial Colombia at El Pueblito Paisa Optional upgrade trip to Arvi Park by aerial cable.

Comuna 13, Graffiti tour

Come and enjoy Graffitour Medellín in the beautiful city of Medellín, the best tourist destination in the city. Comuna 13 will impact you for its social transformation that it has experienced for years, which has been achieved through art and culture.

In Comuna 13 with PAISA TOURS, you will have a neighborhood experience that you will never forget. In fact, you’ll be able to contemplate a place full of graffiti and murals that give life to many of the neighborhoods of Comuna 13.

Bike city tour Medellín, local beer, snacks and coffee

Exploring Medellin by bike means access to hidden back roads, quiet parks, and viewpoints. However, local knowledge is essential for finding a safe and fun route through the city. This experience is characterized because it is a pleasurable experience without effort, with more than 16km of Medellin bycicles roads. Join a local guide for a Medellin bike tour that includes colorful neighborhoods, Medellin city center, stops for typical food and good beer. But of course, with plenty of photo breaks along the way.

Explore the bohemian scene of Medellín

Once the most important part of the city, the center has now been transformed by different dynamics leading people from Medellín to avoid this place. But you will see that the true culture of our city is right here. If you look closer you will see that the center is home to the majority of artists and cultural managers. So if you really want to find out who we are, this is the most authentic location. 

On this experience, we will explore the places where the culture of the city flourishes. Walking through the center we will see how there are different projects trying to bring people back to this area and to promote art as an essential aspect of social development. They do this through constant activities like concerts, galleries, talks, workshops and more! 

The dream of flying paragliding

This activity meets the objective of showing travelers the city of Medellin in a different way, where they are the ones who choose whether to live it in an extreme way or if they want to live it as a relaxing adventure with a beautiful view. 

Hit up a food market

Into your food? Get a slice of Medellin culture at one of the city’s vibrant food markets. One of our favourites is the massive farmers market in Plaza Minorista where you’ll find eye-popping colours and high piles of fresh veggies and tropical fruit, just caught fish and ready-prepped Columbian delicacies. Prices are cheap and as it’s a commercial market you can spy some real authentic bartering from the local characters. Go in the morning for most action.

Kick off the evening al fresco

The city’s nightlife centre is Poblado and Parque Lleras is a great place to start out the night. The little tree-filled park is surrounded by bars, clubs and restaurants and draws in young Medellin to hang out, socialise and drink. The scene is always buzzing with locals and tripsters, so head over, pick up a few beers or a bottle of the anise-flavoured Colombian spirit, Aguardiente, and plan your evening.

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