Paris East by Marie Papillon, influencer and entrepreneur

How we rediscovered the “Rive droite”, Paris’ right bank, with Marie Papillon, a producer and entrepreneur.

 Known for her crazy videos on Instagram, Marie Papillon is, before anything else, a real entrepreneur and an events professional. We met with her in the east side of the French capital.

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

> Real Parisian or just passing through?

Parisian for the past 15 years or so, but I’m originally from Le Havre (LH represent)!

> Influencer, producer, entrepreneur… You’re a real slasher!

I started out with culinary events when I co founded a catering service(2) : the Refectoire (2013) and a street food service (2) :  Le Food Market (2015), then I launched my own events company, Papillon Production, followed by the opening, last year, of Studio Maurice – a photo studio and events location – set up in my grandfather Maurice’s old woodwork factories. In parallel, my cousins and I launched GOMARA and CO, a smoked salmon lab. We’ve been smoking for a long time in my family (salmon, not cigarettes!).

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

> How do you tackle all that at once?

It wasn’t easy at first. It took time and a few failures for me to understand how a business works. I’m also lucky to be surrounded by great associates, dynamic and motivated like me. The rest comes from organizing!

> Why the event sector?

My other grandfather, Lucien Papillon, was a pioneer of the Parisian events world. Through his restaurant, the Bar Romain, next to the Olympia (now called Le Petit Olympia), he mixed with the entertainment industry… And the requirements that come with it. He had a professional and resourceful attitude – he was always at the right place with the right people – he loved challenges and couldn’t stand disappointing his clients. I think I inherited that side of him.

> You’re also known for your quirky videos on Instagram and YouTube. Is stand-up the next step for you?

People often ask me that but I’m not interested in stand-up. Saying stupid things and enjoying it (a lot for me, actually) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at stand-up. Setting up a show with a real central theme and handling the timing of the jokes to keep the audience on the edge of their seats is a difficult thing to do! I use Instagram to make everyday life lighter and laugh about any kind of situation.

> How would a perfect day in Paris for Marie Papillon go?

Morning coffee en terrasse with Bibi (editor’s note: her pug-King Charles spaniel cross-breed) before heading to work at Studio Maurice. Then lunch at the Café de la Poste, followed later by a quick snack at Dodo’s, my neighbour you can see in my videos. In the evening: drinks at Chez Martin, metro Oberkampf, and a last drink at home with my buddies.

> The shop where you could easily spend a fortune?

At Études’, in the Marais area. I love the fact that they design both laid back and stylish clothes. Timeless pieces that will suit anyone, no matter what you usually wear. If I could, I’d wear only that!

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

> If Paris was a person, who would it be?

Bibi in the rain!

> Where’s you HQ?

Pause Café, metro Bastille, for Sunday brunch (followed by a nice nap). It’s simple but I like the atmosphere, people talk loud and I always see my friends there.

> A special place for a date?

At Clamato’s, on Charonne Street. The food is good, it’s friendly, you feel welcomed and they make a mean Bloody Mary!

> Where would we find you on weekends?

On the Faubourg Poissonnière Street drinking tea at Marlette’s, at the Lac des Minimes with Bibi or at the Amour Cheveux Club, on the Béranger Street, my friend Eva’s hair salon.

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

> The craziest thing about Parisians?

The fact that they always want to go out!

> The ultimate tip you’d give to someone visiting Paris?

The Food Market, of course, the first market-street canteen in Paris. Once per month, it gathers about 20 stands with culinary specialities from all over the world… For less than 10 euros!

> Your next project?

I’ve signed with Radar Films to write a fiction piece, so I’m going to concentrate on that this year.

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