The best bakeries in eastern Paris

Where will you find the best baguette in Paris? A good sandwich to gulp down? A pain au chocolat you could die for? A place where you can buy gluten-free bread that is actually good? Here are the most delicious addresses you need to know in eastern Paris.

A traditional baguette, croissants or pains au chocolat: there is no better ritual to start the day. Viennoiseries and bread do represent French gastronomic tradition at its best. In fact, there are about 1,000 bakeries in Paris. That’s almost one on every corner. That’s why some Parisian bakers vie to be the best and the most creative. And make use, of course, of the best ingredients.

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The best baguette in Paris in 2019

Let’s start this immersion with the Leroy Monti bakery, on the Daumesnil Avenue in the 12th arrondissement, to try out the best traditional baguette there was in Paris in 2019. When Fabrice Leroy, the baker, won that title, he became the official supplier for the Élysée, the French President’s residence. And his tradition really is something for the palate.

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

The organic Bâtarde

We strongly recommend a visit to The French Bastards, which was launched in Oberkampf Street in 2019 by a trio of young bakers: Julien, Emmanuel and David. You will probably leave with their star product, a Bâtarde, a kind of bread that is heavier than a baguette but lighter than a regular loaf. Like most breads here, it is made using organic flour. If you have a craving for something savory, treat yourself to one of their exceptional  sandwiches garnished with official Poitou butter, Prince de Paris ham, Sicilian mozzarella, home-made mayonnaise or cream cheese made with Brillat-Savarin. To end on a sweeter note, you should give the Cruffin, a muffin (made with croissant pastry) filled with soft caramel and crowned with a meringue. For the road, add in a little babka, a delicious Polish brioche with chocolate!

The artisanal

For Maxime, bread is a combination of quality ingredients, passion and true know-how. He said “aurevoir” to baking powder, and only uses flours that come from forgotten wheat varieties. At the Bricheton bakery, rue de la Reunion, we prefer “live” ingredients … and we don’t worry about the time it takes. Maxime draws himself spring water 700 meters below Paris – from one of the last artesian wells in the capital. After all that, he pulls out about 100 loaves per batch.

The gluten-free

Gluten-free bread that is actually tasty and sold at a bakery’s? This sounds impossible at first glance. But one bakery has taken up the challenge of making delicious, home-made bread with natural, organic and original yeast… and certified as gluten-free. Its name: the Boulangerie Chambelland, in the Terneaux Street, in the 11th.

The so British

Need to mix things up? Head to the Petit Grain, a craft bakery located in the legendary and colourful Denoyez Street, in the Belleville neighbourhood. It’s managed by Edward Delling-Williams, who already runs the Le Grand Bain restaurant (just next door). Croissants with almond crumble, vanilla-flavoured doughnuts, almond and raspberry Bakewell tarts… the chef really brings his British influence to the mix and our taste buds completely approve. But this should not stop you from trying out his crunchy, organic farmhouse bread with seeds.

The crunchiest

If you’re one of those people who think good pastry has to be crunchy and baked with butter, then the Blé Sucréis for you. Located opposite the Trousseau Square in the 12th arrondissement, this bakery was founded by Fabrice Le Bourdat. He has already won the titles of best madeleine (they are indeed excellent, and also huge), best croissant and best pain au chocolat in Paris. No less! Now you know what to order…

The purist

I’ll make you bread like you’ve never seen before, and in that bread there will be love, and a lot of friendship”, this is a sentence written by Marcel Pagnol that Christophe Vasseur, a self-taught baker, uses to describe us his shop Du Pain et des idées, located right next to the Canal Saint-Martin. There are no pastries or savory snacks here, only viennoiseries, bread – including his chestnut-flavoured “friendship bread” – and seasonal fruit pies. And given the queue at the entrance, it seems to be working.

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The basics

Farine & O (“Flour and water”), the name of this bakery located in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine Street, in the 11th, says a lot about its philosophy. Flour and water are indeed the basic ingredients to make bread and Olivier Magne, who has already won a “one of the best craftsmen in France” title, only adds natural yeast and salt to it. On the menu, you will find traditional craftsmanship, quality products and delicious tasting… Start with his rosace made with brownie dough. It’s to die for!

The best in France

Photo credit : @MarvinBonheur

Let’s finish on a high note at Utopie‘s, in the Oberkampf area. It’s quite an appropriate name for this bakery as it’s fairly hard to believe what is on display here: sesame rolls, yuzu cheesecakes… The quality of the flan should also be mentioned. As for “bread”, in addition to the buckwheat pie or the active carbon tradition, you also get to taste a new and surprising kind of loaf every weekend. Running the place are Erwan, in charge of bread, and Seb, in charge of pastries. In 2016, they won the award for best bakery in France.

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