The best street art spots in Vienna

What else does Vienna have to offer besides the Prater, the wonderful sights and its spacious green areas? A pretty impressive collection of street art by famous street artists, for example!

So colorful, so wild, playful, sometimes illegal, inspiring, provocative, funny and simply thrilling: We at JO&JOE love street art! Even if it doesn’t catch the eye at first glance: Vienna is full of great and colorful works of art on the streets! Some house facades are adorned with inspiring paintings by young graffiti artists who simply impress. From small alleys to kilometer-long sprayed walls – we have summarized our favorite objects for you.

Stinkfish, Richard-Waldemar-Park, Hofmühlgasse 12, 1060

In the middle of the lively 6th district, Mariahilf, we find this wonderful piece of street art by the famous Colombian graffiti artist Stinkfish. Through the Calle Libre, a street art festival that takes place once a year (which, by the way, has many great free workshops, film screenings, parties and graffiti tours around the city to offer), international artists are engaged who take part every year to show their skills with the spray can. Interesting trivial information on the side: District Chairman Markus Rumelhart would like to declare the stylish 6th to be the largest street art gallery in the city.


Practically around the corner, also in the 6th district and only a few meters away, we find another jewel of the Viennese street art scene. Thoughtful and at the same time touching in an emotional way that not many are able to transmit: The work of Evoca1 literally makes you pause for a few minutes in front of it. The artist finds inspiration both in his own life and by observing human behavior as well as social problems. Born in the Dominican Republic, Evoca1 now lives and works in Florida.

Donaukanal, Schwedenplatz

Nearly the entire Danube Canal is full of street art! Kilometers of walls play a key role around the tourist hotspot Schwedenplatz and shape the urban image of the city. But the best? Next to the water there are cozy beach bars that are definitely worth a visit and will quench your thirst for the steps you walked.

Crazy Mister Sketch, Burggasse 84, 1070

Blue swifts were painted for Calle Libre 2020 by the german urban artist Crazy Mister Sketch. The artist is particularly fond of hidden corners, ruins and vacant spaces – but also of course heavily frequented public spaces – such as the one in Burggasse. Fun fact: Actually, incubators for the bird species were also attached to the artwork.

David Leitner, Kirchengasse 44, 1070

As one of the most gifted Austrian street artists, David Leitner always hits the mark with his incredibly good works. For the “Würmlas walls” project – for which there is a very interesting documentary – David painted around 700m2 in a village near Vienna in 2019. Würmla’s walls was an attempt to create a connection between town and country, which should move prejudices and stereotypes aside and stimulate dialogue in the place through the means of urban art.

Kashink, Capistranstiege, 1060

Not far from Jo&Joe and the popular shopping mile Mariahilfer Straße, there is a lot to see in terms of street art at Capistranstiege. One of the pieces by Kashink, for example. As one of the few female street artists, the Paris-based artist deals in her work with the definition of identity and questions common concepts of aesthetic norms. By the way, the activist has also integrated a painted mustache into her daily make-up routine to draw attention to the topic. At the same time a statement and an opportunity to talk to strangers and discuss topics such as gender, beauty and freedom. Pretty inspiring, from our point of view.

Eduardo Kobra, xx 1050

The Brazilian inspires with this reinterpretation of Klimt’s picture with his cat in the foreground of Schiele’s painting “Landscape in Krumau”. Bright colors and a precise and skilful design create a fusion in an urban monument of both artists.

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