Thrift stores in Paris

Are you sick of fast fashion, do you want to find affordable gems and give clothes a new life? A shopping tour of the many (and amazing) second-hand stores in southern Paris will enable you to combine fashion, ethics and make your wallet happy:

Simon’s, in the 13th arrondissement, is one of the few second-hand stores dedicated to chic men’s clothes. It is packed with British-influenced wonders. That’s because Simon, the owner, absolutely loves nice clothes – from major brands to exceptional, vintage pieces of clothing – and will be delighted to advise those who set foot into his shop. Coats, jackets, shirts, pants, shoes and accessories… here you can buy a whole new wardrobe without going bankrupt.

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Another hotspot for second-hand stores that are well-known among enthusiasts are the Guerrisol shops. They are key places find a nice jacket, a leather handbag or a pair of shoes with rock-bottom prices! Good news: there is one of these shops in the 14th, on the Général Leclerc Avenue.

Still in the 14th, there is another nice second-hand store: the Madame de, in the Daguerre Street. Dresses, blouses, shoes, accessories, this shop’s nice, vintage clothes have all been scrupulously selected to charm you at first glance so they can be worn again and enjoy a second life.

Ma Ressourcerie, located in the Italie Avenue, is a non-profit and fair trade shop for reemployment and recycling. It depends on customer donations for restocking and to take part in the fight against waste. It also works in favour of reducing trash. A way to make space in your wardrobe to better fill it again, as you can find beautiful pieces of clothing here. You should also take a look at its display of precious items and its “toys” area, before heading down to the underground level to hunt for tableware. On the mezzanine level you should go through the shelves full of books, music and movies in this room called the reading room.

Photo credit : @MarvinBoheur

On the Saint-Placide Street there is a branch of the Tilt Vintage. This thrift store takes care of Paris’ left-bank women with impeccable, glam’ and timeless, vintage pieces of clothing, such as Gérard Darel and Burberry trench-coats. Beneath that, why not fall for a little, romantic lace blouse combined with a good old 501?

Not far, on the Saint-Germain Boulevard, you will be able to stock up on clothes at the KiloShop. The concept is fairly simple: you pay based on the weight of the items you choose. It varies according to the stickers on the clothes. It’s quite a sharp selection (the owner is no other than the famous Kiliwatch thrift store, metro Etienne Marcel). As for choice, it’s as vast as the place. It’s also regularly restocked!

You also have to stop by Chercheminippes,in the Duroc neighbourhood, on the Cherche-Midi Street. This is the first French second-hand store specialized in reselling fashion items (for all ages), but also luxury and household articles. It opened in 1970, at a time when second-hand fashion and environmentally friendly consumption were not that obvious. Claude Thibault Higman, the founder, has a clear goal: creating a place where women can feel sublime through clothing without compromising their finances. The thrift store also plays its part in solidarity by donating its unsold items to Emmaüs Alternatives, which then upcycles them and sells them to fund rehabilitation projects.

Photo credit : @MarvinBoheur

Men, women, children, household, at Ding Fring’s, on the Labrouste Street, in the 15th, no matter your style, age or desire, you will find what you are looking for. Even your bank account will be happy, given the ridiculously low prices for the clothes. Run by the Le Relais association, this second-hand clothes shop hires workers currently part of a professional rehabilitation program and works hand in hand with Emmaüs. The clothes get here in great quantity. Some, the nicest, are displayed in the shop, others are upcycled.

Finally, because thrift stores aren’t only for adults, let’s make a stop at Secrets d’enfance, on the Abbé Groult Street, in the 15th. In this charming second-hand store dedicated to children, you will be able to get the family’s youngest’s wardrobe ready with clothes from Bonpoint, Bonton, Baby Dior, Cyrilus, IKKS or Petit Bateau, or renew the eldest’s wardrobe (up to 12 years old) and brighten up any room with adorable, second-hand, discounted and impeccable toys, comforters, furniture and pieces of decoration.

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