Vienna with stuntman, parkour-athlete and actor Alex Schauer

Alex Schauer has been a professional parkour athlete since he was young – he discovered his enthusiasm for this by chance when he was twelve as a child presenter, in an interview with a free-running athlete. Since then, the passion for the adrenaline-releasing sport has grown and takes him to exciting places, almost everywhere in the world.

The likeable Viennese is also active as an actor and stuntman. What the jack-of-all-trades likes to do in Vienna, where his favorite places are and what the city means for Alex, we find out in an exciting quick talk with him.

What do you associate with Vienna?

Homeland! I travel a lot and whenever I come back home, it’s a little bit of relaxation for me – and somehow also a little “back to my origins”. The city is therefore something of a place of relaxation.

You can always find the coolest clothes…

In thrift shops. I like Humana and Caritas, for example. (ann.: These are secondhand shops with charitable purposes; there are a few shops of each in Vienna!)

How do you drink your coffee?

Black, hot and without sugar. (fyi: The local way to drink it is called “Wiener Melange”, a viennese blend, so one espresso shot topped with steamed milk and milk foam)

What´s your favourite food in town?

Pizzeria La Spiga, in the 7th district. Because there is just a certain way how they make the pizza. Somehow very delicious: naples style.

(Why) is Vienna such a special city?

Yes, because it simply offers a great mix of this charming old metropolis with so much tradition, for example its horse-drawn carriages, the beautiful facades and old buildings as well as modern districts and places that simply reflect this young spirit.

Croissant or bread roll (“Semmel”)?


How are the Viennese in kind?

At first glance, they might be a bit cautious and you need a little to get warm with them. But basically they are certainly very open and nice. Perhaps the rumor about the Viennese wrath is not that far-fetched, but I think the younger generation is quite different and is changing the picture more and more to a better one (smiles).

Which places do you prefer to spend your free time at?

Around the bustling Naschmarkt or at the numerous green areas. I am also happy to use cultural offers such as the Natural History or Art History Museum, which definitely has a lot to offer. Basically, however, I always like to be out, especially on my bike.

What exactly do you like best about the capital?

That it is at the same time so easy to do something in the mountains that are not far away and then quickly get back to urban areas. Likewise, this exciting combination of old and modern – that’s actually what I like best. If you feel like doing something, there is always something you can find. Even if you don’t want to do “anything”, Vienna is a very cool city for it – there are also plenty of great places to calm down and just relax.

What are your plans for the future?

To be honest, I do not care that much about that. What matters is that I can continue to do what I enjoy and what fulfills me. Earning money with something like that is certainly great luck.

Thank you for the interview!

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