What to do on a rainy day in Vienna

You have been looking forward to your trip to Vienna for so long, now the time is finally there but it’s raining?

Just don’t despair – we have the best tips for you so that the trip will be great even with rainy weather.

Get to know the Viennese coffee house culture

If there is one thing that Vienna is known for, it is certainly for its highly celebrated coffee house culture. Hardly anywhere else in the world you do enjoy a cafés atmosphere like in the Danube city. Classic coffee houses have a long tradition, but new, hip concepts from the Third Wave Coffee wave are also finding favor within the younger generation. For whatever you may decide in the end, without having had a good cup of coffee in such an institution, you shouldn’t go home!

These are our tips for classical viennese cafés:

– Café Central

– Demel

– Sacher

– Gerstner

– Aida

– Westend

– Jelinek

– Sperl

The modern coffee concepts:

– Kaffeefabrik

– Balthasar

– Fenster Café

– Brass Monkey

– Wiener Rösthaus

– J. Hornig Kaffeebar

– Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters

– POC (people on caffeine)

– The pelican coffee company

Use the many indoor sightseeing possibilities of the city

There is so much to see that Vienna has to offer for tourists – also indoors! Starting with the wonderful buildings from the 13th century to the headquarters and summer residence of the famous imperial couple Sisi and Franz. Also in the countless museums that are worth to visit, you are safe from the rain.

– Die Hofburg

– Schloss Schönbrunn

– Leopold Museum

– Das Schmetterlingshaus im Burggarten

– Albertina

– Schloss Belvedere

– Das Haus des Meeres

– Kunsthistorisches Museum

– Stephansdom


Try famous Austrian dishes

Certainly there is hardly anyone who has not already eaten a Wiener Schnitzel, but to really eating it in Vienna, that is something completely different! You should have tried at least one of these local specialties during your stay.

– Wiener schnitzel with potato salad and lingonberries (don’t put ketchup, pleeeease!)

– “Schweinsbraten” Roasted pork with cabbage and bread dumplings (just don´t forget the gravy!)

– Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce (well known, even outside of Austria… and gosh, so delicious!)

– “Kärntner Käsnudeln” Carinthian cheese noodles with melted brown butter (has actually nothing to do with cheese, though!)

– “Steirer Backhendlsalat” Styrian fried chicken salad (normally comes with corn salad, potato salad and pumpkin seed oil)

– “Tafelspitz with Semmelkrenn” (boiled beef with a special sauce made out of horseradish and bread)

– Kaiserschmarrn with compote (cut-up and sugared kind of pancake with raisins but still pretty different, though)

Make plans for extraordinary activities

Those who would also like to experience something completely different than the standard procedure in Vienna also have a wide range of fun options. We can recommend, for example:

– Playing Lasertag at LaserMAXX

– Virtual Reality Gaming at VREI

– Sky-Diving at Wiener Prater

– Escape Room at Crime Runners

– One of the many weekly events at JO&JOE (current program is published every Monday on our Instagram account!)

– Playfight at Die Schwelle

Enjoying the atmosphere of the hostel

The JO&JOE Vienna always offers space for lively exchange! It is a cool place to sleep in Vienna and one of the trendiest hostels around. Everyone is welcome in the Open House – whether townsters or tripsters. With nice weekly events and some good drinks, the rain clouds almost appear to be blown away – but always stay optimistic, the next sunny day will come for sure! 😉

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