Where to get the best streetfood in Vienna?

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is of course to try new food. After all, it’s part of the culture. Street food in particular often shows the authentic, trendy life on the streets of large metropolises – and almost everyone loves it.

Of course also here at JO&JOE Vienna – that’s for sure! This is the reason why we started looking for the current food trends in Vienna, which you should definitely try.

A bubble waffle at Fresh Berrys and Waffle, Mariahilfer Straße 101, 1060

Not far from JO&JOE hostel there is a special trend that you won’t forget: An airy bubble waffle filled with black vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, Oreo cookies and Nutella! Simply unbelievably delicious. But be careful, addictive factor!

Damn good dumplings at ballroom, Maria-Theresien-Straße 5, 1090 

“We´ve got balls!” as the brand’s slogan and the cool concept around it make the restaurant more than super likeable. But the really good dumplings with the ingenious and colorful toppings make it pretty yummy as well.

A cheap and very delicious pizza slice from La Pausa, Neubaugasse 70, 1070

The (really large) slice of pizza from the restaurant costs only a few euros and is really good. For the very hungry, however, there is also a whole meter of pizza (rectangular) in various designs. We recommend the simple Margherita or Diplomatica!

Outrageously good Pad Thai in the Mamamon Thai Eatery, Albertgasse 15, 1080

For us it is really one of the best Pad Thai you can get in town! At the small restaurant you almost feel like you are in the middle of Bangkok, but it´s embedded in a very cozy and peaceful area with some trees. Not as hectically and loud as Bangkok but the dish might be for sure as good.

Oreno Ramen, Lerchenfelder Strasse 74, 1080 Vienna

Simply the best thing ever invented: Sushi in the style of a burrito! And so much easier to eat than regular The ramen shop is extremely good and should therefore not be missing from our list! The Japanese noodle soup originally comes from China, but was adopted from the kitchen in the 19th century and with time and some development it really became a symbol dish in Japan, right after sushi. We love the dish because it is extremely versatile and actually has hardly any limits when it comes to preparation!

A delicious doner kebab at Berliner Döner, Zieglergasse 33A, 1070

Well, the kebab wasn´t invented in Turkey, as you might assume, but in Germany in the 1970s by Turkish guest workers. A delicious bread that is reminiscent of pita is filled with meat, fresh vegetables and  sauces. There we have our perfect street food ready – super fast, super cheap and super delicious as well!

A fresh bowl at Honu Tiki Bowls, Teinfaltstrasse 4, 1010

Yum! Certainly one of the healthiest street food hypes there is, currently! Sushi rice is combined in a bowl with many colorful ingredients such as avocado, salmon, edamame, cucumber and spring onions and topped with various sauces and goodies such as peanuts, pomegranate seeds or dried onions. We just love it!

Kaiserschmarrn to go at Demel, Kohlmarkt 14, 1010

For everyone who has never tried it: Definitely a must-eat when visiting Austria! The Kaiserschmarrn has a long tradition within the country. As the name suggests, the emperor (“Kaiser”) already enjoyed eating it – the dish was even invented especially for him. The Demel, by the way, is one of Vienna´s most famous Cafés with a quite interesting history – 1856, it had already become a hotspot among aristocrats and Vienna’s bourgeoisie.

Pizza at Pronto Volante, Kolschitzkygasse 6, 1040

Authentic, like in Naples! Nobody disdains a Bufala Fresca with tomato sauce and ingredients that are added after baking, such as buffalo mozzarella, pomodorini and basil. Or how about a fried pizza? You certainly will not leave hungry, here.

Baumkuchen from Hefi, Rotenturmstraße 23, 1010

Really something for pastry lovers: Baumkuchen originally comes from our neighboring country Hungary. It is eaten classically with cinnamon and sugar – but there is plenty space for creativity! Whether eaten as an ice cream cone or with lots of chocolate filling, however, those with a sweet tooth will definitely get happy here.

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